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Madeno Photography

/ Bio & CV


    Madeno is visual artist using pictures through lens.


    He was born in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating The University of Tokyo, faculty of Law department of Politics, he has been working as a Film maker for over 20 years at a broadcasting station; NHK, mainly in the field of documentary, current affairs and news show.


    In 2008, he started to make creation using photographs after having participated in photographer Satoru Watanabe workshop 2 B.

In addition to SatoruWatanabe, he studied from Rinko Kawachi, Yumi Goto, Risaka Suzuki, Shiraoka Jun, Onaka Koji, Mark Prust, Jim Goldberg and others.

He expands his activities such as holding solo exhibitions, making handmade artist book, participation in international photographic festival and international photography education program.


    He also actively challenge the interdisciplinary area of photography. He studied workshop design in Aoyama Gakuin University in 2015, and participated in school of renovation of town planning in 2017. And now he is participating in the program "geidaiRAM" managed by graduate school of film and new media,Tokyo University of the Arts.

    In this way, he expand his expressions based on the visual art, he also have hands-on experiences on workshop design, town planning, architecture, contemporary art and cross-border fields.











[Solo Exhibition]

2014: "Our Windows", epSITE Epson Imaging Gallery  (Tokyo, Japan)

2014: "The Corner Turning to the West", T.I.P Tokyo Institute of Photography (Tokyo, Japan)

[Selected Group Exhibition]

2018: Yakushima Photography Festival (Yakushima, Japan)

2016:  “The Back Page Revisited × Atlas Lab result showcace” RPS: Reminders Photography Stronghold (Hikifune, Tokyo)

2015: "ISSP2015 Exhibition", Kuldiga Town Exhibition Hall (Kuldiga, Latvia)

2015: "Slideshow Session; Beyond the Disappearance", Recruit Guardian Garden (Tokyo, Japan)

2015: "The epSITE Selections Vol.3", epSITE Epson Imaging Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2014: Mt.ROKKO International Photo Festival Emerging Photographers Slideshow as a invitation photographer (Kobe, Hyogo)

2014: Le PhotobookFest, "Rock Your Dummy" as a finalist (Paris, France)

2014: Tokyo Art Book Fair 2014 "Handmade-book is a diamond as in a rough" , Tokyo Geijyutsu Gakushya (Aoyama, Tokyo)

2014: "Handmade-book is a diamond as in a rough", Reminder Photography Stronghold (Tokyo, Japan)

2014: Mt.ROKKO International Photo Festival Presents "Portfolio Exhibition", 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Tokyo, Japan)

2013: Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013 “Publish Label ;Photo Atlas”, Tokyo Geijyutsu Gakushya (Aoyama, Tokyo)

2012: “Rinko Kawauchi Workshop - Making a Photo Book”, ABC Aoyama Book Center (Tokyo, Japan) 

2012: “One and Only Photo Book in the World”, Akaaka-sha (Tokyo, Japan)


[Education / Workshop / Masterclass]

Major in politics and media studies at The University of Tokyo.


2015 Masterclass, Jim Goldberg, ISSP, Latvia

2014 Justin Maxon & Yumi Goto's workshop 

2014 Ryo Oowada's workshop

2014 Jan Rosseel & Yumi Goto’s workshop

2013 Marc Prust's workshop

2012 Rinko Kawauchi’s workshop

2012 Masashi Asada's workshop

2011 Koji Onaka’s  workshop

2008 Satoru Watanabe’s workshop


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